1. Smooth down irregularities with P120 - P240 and fill with Auto-K Polyester Filler (Part. No.: 745 141).
  2. After full hardening sand with P120-140 wet sandpaper first and then sand smooth with P1200.
  3. Fill pores with Auto-K combination filler (Part. No.: 745 507).
  4. Fine sand with P400 dry sandpaper. Subsequently clean and mask.
  5. Thinly apply 2K Rapid Primer Filler, then 3 spray processes with forced interim drying.
  6. After full hardening with P800, prebuff with wet emery paper. Fine sand with P1200.
  7. Roughen inner edge zone with grey ultra-fine abrasive pad, outer edge zone with sponge and Schleiffix.
  8. Dry and clean area.
  9. Apply a thin spray of 1K water-borne paint to a prewarmed area (25-30°C) and continue with the normal painting process.
  10. When using barely opaque colour tones, after a corresponding flash off time (matt) it might be necessary to apply additional paint coats.
  11. Important: after each painting process, completely flash off the paint.
  12. Paint 2K Rapid Clear Coat in 2 complete paint coats with interim flash off time.
  13. Paint blender thinner / clear coat in light painting steps in all transition zones.
  14. If necessary, polish the transition zones after full hardening.


  • With SprayMax 2K Rapid Primer filler (Part. No.: 680 031) and 2K Rapid Clear Coat (Part. No.: 680 063), you get scratch-proof, solvent and petrol resistant finishes that comply with the repair specifications from most automobile manufacturers.
  • More than 50% process cost savings.
  • Perfect painting results, just like with a spray gun.


  • Matt stripping the painted areas can be accelerated by blowing with a hair dryer.
  • Drying time at least 5 minutes.
Required Products

Repair step




SprayMax Silicone-Remover

ca. 5-10ml¹


Fine Polyester Filler
Combination Filler

max. 5mm
max. 1mm


2K Rapid-Primer Filler


Aqua Silicone-Remover

ca. 5 - 10ml¹


1K FillClean water-borne paint

ca. 25-30µm

Clear coat:

2K Rapid Clear Coat

ca. 30-35µm


Blender Clear or
Blender Thinner

ca. 5µm
ca. 5µm

¹ Varies depending on area and degree of soiling.