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Design synthetic resin sprays

Design synthetic resin sprays are usable for miscellaneous grounds like metal, wood, glass, stone or plastics. Synthetic resin sprays are scratch and weather-resistant. Therefore they are ideal for outdoor items.

Belton - Design Sprays are perfect for various surfaces like metal, wood, glass, stone or plastic.

DupliColor Next Sprays have modern colors and connect the advantages of synthetic resin and acryl lacquer. They adhere on many surfaces without a base coat. For wooden surfaces use the DupliColor wood preserving varnish to protect your items against all weather conditions.
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Belton Design Robust (400ml)

7,49 € *
18,73 € per 1 l
9,02 € *
22,55 € per 1 l
12,66 € *
31,65 € per 1 l

DupliColor Next Spray (400ml)

10,25 € *
25,63 € per 1 l