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Pre-mixed lacquer spray cans

We offer various pre-mixed lacquer spray cans. Ranging from aerosols for brake calipers and exhaust pipes to a big assortment of universal aerosols. The Auto-K-Color spray cans can for example be used to repair bigger damages in the car paint. The heat-resistant lacquers (up to 800°C) can be used for the refurbishments of exhaust pipes and the Multitton lacquer sprays of the brand Multona can also be used for many other objects than cars.
Auto-K Aerosolset

150 ml spray cans in the original shade of colors from Auto-K....


Auto-K-Color is ideally suited for larger reparations up to areas...

Brake caliper lacquer

Usable for the painting of brake calipers in different...

Heat-resistant lacquers

Heat-resistant lacquers with temperature limits from 300°C, 650°C...

Multona color tone

The Multi-Color-(Aerosol) Spray (Paint)-System for simple and...

Neon spray cans

Neon colors in spray cans. Fluorescent and fast drying. Please...

Plastic Paint

For all components located on your car made of hard plastic,...

Pre-mixed lacquers

Different pre-mixed lacquers in the colours white, black and red...

Spray Max original paint

Original lacquers of spray max offer a high quality in a 400ml...

Spray plast

Spray plast that is applied to the vehicle just like a regual...

Transparent sprays

Glasing spray for redying front-, tail- and side lamps, wind...

Wheel rim laqcuer

For the painting and protection of wheel rims.

Top offers
Auto K - neon spray paint green (150ml)

Auto K - neon spray paint green (150ml)

8,36 € *
5,57 € per 100 ml
Auto-K Liquid Gum White (400 ml)

Auto-K Liquid Gum White (400 ml)

17,90 € *
44,75 € per 1 l
Car-Rep Lackspray weiss (500ml)

Car-Rep Lackspray weiss (500ml)

2,99 € *
5,97 € per 1 l
Auto K - neon spray paint yellow (150ml)

Auto K - neon spray paint yellow (150ml)

8,36 € *
5,57 € per 100 ml