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Spachtel im Spraydosen-Shop


Spatula and putty

Spatula and putty are used to adjust small or lager unevenness like holes, cracks or interstices. Spatula and putty are in various versions in our online shop available. It depends on which purpose you need it for:
  • Elastic polyester filler putty suits the reparation of plastic parts.
  • Fine polyester filler putty is used to get a smooth, poreless surface.
  • Polyester filler putty is suitable for the adjustment of uneveness of car parts or items made of metal, stone, concrete, plastic, ceramic and wood.
  • The combination filler putty is perfect to smoothen small uneveness to close pores.

In our online shop you can also buy spatulas, hardeners and further supplies.
Combination Filler Putty

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Elastic Polyester Filler Putty

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Fine Polyester Filler Putty

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Polyester Fibre Filler Putty

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Polyester Filler Putty

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Repair sets for plastic surfaces

Spray Filler

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Universal Filler Putty

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