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General Questions

1K stands for "1 component". Those are basically all products that are processed without the use of a hardener.
A 1-layer lacquer consists of only one layer and usually does not have to be painted over with a clear paint.
Single-coat lacquers do not have to be varnished with a clear paint. The lacquer shines automatically and is protected against weather influences. Only plain shades without metallic pigments are available as single-coat lacquers. Nevertheless, single-coat lacquers can be varnished with a clear paint, so that they show an even better result. A two-layer coat consists of two layers: the base coat and the clear paint. Most metallic, pealscent and xirallic shades as well as three-layer lacquers must be varnished with a clear paint in order to achieve a high-gloss finsih. Only the clear paint protects the base coat against bad weather conditions. It must therefore always be painted over the base coat.
A three-layer lacquer is a special effect paint that is painted in three coats. A basic color, a transparent glaze with effects and a clear paint. Only the combination of the three layers gives the paint its original appearance. We strongly recommend the creation of a pattern to determine the number of glazes.
First of all, the surface to be painted should be de-rusted, filled, sanded and cleaned. The part not to be painted should be covered with a protective sheet or paper.
A primer is necessary when painting on naked steel sheet or when there are sanded-through areas that reach down to the metal. This ensures optimum adhesion between the substrate and the filler or finishing coat. A filler is required if small to medium surface irregularities are to be levelled out and a perfect substrate for the finishing coat is to be created. A spatula is used when large to very large irregularities in the surface are to be levelled out. The filler must not be applied directly to 1K products such as primers, the 2K filler must be applied before and after filling. In the two-layer system, base coat (color) and finishing coat (protection) are applied seperately. Modern metallic or pearlscent colors, for example, can only be painted in a two-layer process. In the one-layer system, on the other hand, there is only one coat for color and protective function. It is clearly inferior to the two-layer system in terms of protection, color, fastness, polish ability, etc. In addition, abrasive paper in various thinknesses, silcone remover and clear paint are often required for finishing.
It is recommended that spray cans only are used in well-ventilated, wind-protected and dust-free rooms. The ideal working temperature is between 20 and 25°C. Furthermore, direct sunlight should be avoided. For use, the spray can should be shaken well for at least 2 minutes after the metal ball has struck. Is it important that the spray can is always held vertically when spraying. For a satisfactory result, the production of a sample sheet is recommended. Spray the paint and compare it with the original paint. It should also be ensured that the spray distance to the object is approx. 25cm (approx. 3 hand widths).
First of all, you need to shake the spray can well for 2 minutes. Then remove the activation button from the lid and turn the can around. The hardener is released by pressing a button on the button side of the can. The button can then be released again and the can should be turned over again. Finally, the can should be shaken well for another 2 minutes. Afterwards the can is ready to spray. For a better understanding you can watch our YouTube video about this topic.
Yes, when a paint job is finished and there is still something left in the spray can, we recommend turning the spray can upside down and pressing the spray head briefly (approx. 3 seconds) until no more colored pigments come out of the spray can. By this procedure the remainders from the supply line are cleaned inside the lacquer spray and nothing can stick or clog. If stored correctly, the spray can be used again for several years. The spray can should be shaken well before each use.
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Problems with vehicle care

Rings, jewelry, belt buckles, textiles with metal rivets or a dirty sponge can severely damage the painted surface during vehicle care.

Tip: remove all objects from the body that could damage the paint. Always wash sponges thoroughly and never use the same cloth for cleaning and polishing.

Whole vehicle processed at once?

Streaks can occur when the material is applied to the entire vehicle in a single work step. Dried-on polish and preservation residues are very difficult tp remove. This does not have to be the case, because the products close to the paint pores even without drying.

Tip: do not treat the whole car at once, but parts of it step by step. Wipe off the remaining material immediately, without allowing the product to dry beforehand and then continue with the next partial surface.

Too warm temperatures and direct sunlight?

When the sun heats up the paint surface, the paint care products dry very quick so that a streak-free result is hardly possible.

Tip: in summer at temperatures above 20°C, make sure to keep the car in a shady place.

Polished with an old shirt?

Textiles are not suitable for paint care. Polishing residues on the paint surface cannot be removed optimally and a streak-free polishing result is hardly possible. For best results, we always recommend using suitable products!

Rims machined directly after a long drive?

When driving, the rims become hot, so that the rim cleaner dries quickly and the cleaning effect deteriorates.

Tip: wait until the rim surface has cooled down before cleaning.

Rim cleaner not washed off?

Residues of the rim cleaner can attack the surface if it dries up. Residues of the cleaner often get stuck in recesses.

Tip: Always rinse the cleaning liquid and dissolved dirt thoroughly with a strong jet of water. After draining, move the vehicle half a wheel and rinse of the remaining dirt.

Questions about the shop

If you are looking for a specific product, you can enter it directly using the search bar at the top right. Otherwise, be inspired by the categories on the left.
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Yes, in case you are looking for a specific color for your car you need to look up the exact color code either in the vehicle interior or in the service record. Additionally, we are able to blend colors by ourselves. If you wish to do so please send us the desired color tone and if possible, the original producer.
Can I return a product and who pays for the return? Products can be returned as long as they are unused. However, the cost of returning the product will be covered by the purchaser. Excluded from this are products that have been manufactured to special requirements. All information in this regard, as well as further topics such as e.g. defect or warranty services and their processing can be read under the tabs AGB and WRB. For further questions please do not hesitate and contact us.
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Questions about your order

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All spray cans and paints from other manufacturers distributed by us can be returned within 14 days as long as the products are unopened. As soon as a paint has been specially mixed for you or is already open this is unfortunately no longer possible. The costs for the return have to be paid by the customer.
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