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Füller im Spraydosen-Shop


Filler aerosols are perfect for the adjustment of small to medium unevenness in metal sheets. The filler serves also as a primer for the following layers of lacquer.
  • Acrylfiller can be used on many surfaces and are suitable for spot repair.
  • High-build filler suit the adjustment of sanded-through and primed areas.
  • Primer filler can be used on various surfaces and protect them from rust.
  • Wet-on-wet filler are perfect for primed, ungrinded new surfaces.
  • Special filler are ideal for critical surfaces.
  • Texture sprays are for the reproduction of the structure of damaged plastic parts.
Filler provide, beside the mentioned properties, protection against corrosion.
Acrylic Filler

AC filler with good stability, faster drying and excellent...


Filler with rostproofing features for various surfaces

High Build Filler

High-build filler are for the professional levelling of...

Special Filler

Filler for special surfaces.

Texture Spray

Special product for structure reconstruction on damaged plastic...