Spray Can Blmc-Rover Group LVD/94 Charcoal (BLVC1207) basecoat (400ml)

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perleffect basecoat spray can - clear coat needed
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  • Delivery time: 1 - 2 Workdays  (Other countries)



  • With the patented fill in method we can produce the Blmc-Rover Group perleffect-paint Charcoal (BLVC1207) with the color code LVD-94 (painted since 1994) as basecoat in a 400ml spray can. The paint was painted at the following car models:
    • BLMC-ROVER GROUP 111 1997-1997
    • BLMC-ROVER GROUP 214 1997-1997
    • BLMC-ROVER GROUP 216 1997-1997
    • BLMC-ROVER GROUP 45 2000-2000
    • BLMC-ROVER GROUP 800 1998-1999
    • BLMC-ROVER GROUP COUPE' 1999-1999
    • BLMC-ROVER GROUP MINI 1997-1998
    • BLMC-ROVER GROUP R200 1996-1999
    • BLMC-ROVER GROUP R400 1996-1999
    • BLMC-ROVER GROUP R600 1996-1996
    • BLMC-ROVER GROUP R800 1996-1996
  • We guaranty a high quality car paint from our brand, which is based on the acrylic paint system (no water basecoat).


  • The 400ml spraycan is equiped with a wide spray valve to get a fine and perfect cover of the paint particles.
  • The spray is prefilled with all gases and is used as an one component product without hardener.
  • Advantage: The used spray can be reused after emptiing the spray valve.

Please notice:

  • Please do not forget: The basecoats like metallic or perleffect basecoats should be additionally painted with a clear coat as second coat.Without the clearcoat the paint is not protected and the pigments will be not as bright.
  • The compatible clearcoat spray can you can easily find in our shop.
  • If this is not your color, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.


Vehicle brand: Rover, Mini
Content: 0,40 l

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